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The empire's fall



Fall of the Aztec Empire began with a tradition that began long ago. The ancient Aztecs worshiped gods. (See History page). One tale says that their was a king who was in a disguise-he was disguised as the king of gods- Quetzacoatl. He was exiled exiled and went away on a ship, vowing to return someday. Evidently, as according to this tale, the story was passed down through the generations and remembered.  However, the most reliable evidence was according Cortez and his crew, who  arrived in the Aztec Empire in the spring of 1519. They arrived with a magnificent ship, thought to be the one of the gods. Cortez's white skin was thought to be god-like, the one of the gods who created the world in an Aztec myth.  The Aztecs bowed down to Cortez, thinking he was Quetzacoatl. Gold and gems were brought to Cortez, not knowing that their ''god'' would be their end. And yet the Aztecs, mistakenly gave their treasures to Cortez, failing to realize that he was the man that would soon bring the Empire that had thrived for centuries to end. Cortez and his Spainards demanded more and more. However, the Aztecs revolted and battle broke out. Cortez and his soldiers left and allied themseleves against the Tenochitlan Aztecs old enemy-the Confederacy of Texcala. Tension grew dense and the Aztecs fought the Spainards. Cortez and their allies fled.

Cortez and his allies returned in 1521. One by one, the cities fell and destabilized the Aztec empire. At last, they arrived in Tenochitlan, and laid siege to the once mighty city. The battle ended on August 13, ending with a massacre, a burning of the city, taking the gold and precious relics of the past. Smallpox and Typhus spread upon the Aztecs, killing many people and severely weakening the Aztec Empire. The Aztec Empire had finally came to an end, ending centuries of Aztec dominance.

One reason that the Aztecs fell was the lack of technological advances in the past. Meanwhile, as the Aztecs lived their life, the Europeans had developed quickly, utilizing gunpowder and their scientific advances greatly made their life much better than the Aztecs. Swords and spears stood no chance against rifles and cannons.

Another reason were the sacrifices each year. Over 30 000 people were sacrificed every year. This cannot possibly be good to the society. If they had ended this, their manpower would easily overpower Cortez and his Spaniards.

The Aztec era was ended by Cortez and his men, exploiting the lack of stability in the empire. The Aztecs failed to counter the Spaniards, firm in their beliefs. A great civilization was brought to an end.




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