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Posted by [email protected] on January 26, 2012 at 5:30 PM

One of the greatest inventions of the Aztecs is chocolate. Chocolate is very commonly known now, and was first invented by the Aztecs. They put peppers into the chocolate, unlike now, as we do not use peppers to make it spicy, but rather to make it sweet. Chocolate was a food and drink for the warriors and nobles, as it was thought to give stammina. It was also used for sacred rituals, as it was also thought to be the food of the gods. Cacao beans were not only used for making chocolate; it was their currency (see Aztec life for more).

Another invention that led the Aztec agricultre to sucsess is the Chinampas (translated-floating islands). They were gardens that floated on water, secured by mud and reeds that anchored it to the bottom of the lake to prevent it from floating away. They were made out of reed rafts, and dirt piled on top of it to grow crops. These were quite sucsessful, acting both as gardens and also used as walkways.

Aztecs also had their own calender. They had 2 different calendars, all in the sun stone. One was based on the movement of the sun, the Xiuhpohualli (solar year), and the more sacred calendar, the Tonapohualli (day count). One solar year consisted of 360 named days and 5 nameless days (the 5 nameless days were thought to bring bad luck). The solar years were seperated into 18 parts, each consisting of 20 days. The Tonapohualli, however had days named with a numeral from 1-13 and a symbol. Every 260 days, the cycle would reset.

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