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Aztec class structure

Posted by [email protected] on January 28, 2012 at 8:05 PM

The highest class in the Aztec class structure is pipiltin, or nobility. Although at the the beginning, the nobility was not ruled by heredity, the Aztecs adopted this later on. The advantage of being pillis is that they had much better access to education, food and resources, were allowed to wear comfortable cotton clothing and feathers. The noble class had much better houses, some even made out of stone. They could own many slaves, and lived a wealthy and comfortable life.

The second class was the macehualtin- the commoners. They were originally peasants, many of them becoming dedicated to arts, crafts or being warriors. They had a good education, but were not allowed to wear cotton clothing or feathers. Compared with the magnificant houses of the noble, the commeners's houses would be like huts. They still had garden and did trade, but were not as wealthy as the pillis.

And finally, there were the lowliest of all- the slaves. To become a slave, you could commit a crime, and you would be sold into slavery. Or you can do the easy way, and be caught by a merchant trying to catch a slave or be sold by someone else. Slaves, however lowly, had their own property and could be freed if their owner died and they have performed well. Or you can have a wife or children, and you would be freed 

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