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Timeline of the past aztec invasions recorded



Foundation Of The Empire


6th centuryFirst Nahuatl speaking peoples begin to settle in Mexico
1110The Mexica travel from their northern homeland of Aztlan.  These early dates, and the existence and location of Aztlan are hotly debated.
1110-1248The Mexica roam the area which is now Mexico, trying to find a location in which to settle
1248Mexica settle near Lake Texcoco, in Chapultepec, though they are soon expelled by the Tepanecs
1299Mexica settle in Tizapan, by permission of the Culhuacan ruler Cocoxtli.
1325Tenochtitlán is settled by the Mexica



Building an Empire





1350Building of causeways with canals
1370Death of Tenoch, religious ruler of the Mexica
1376-1395The first king* of Tenochtitlán, Acamapichitli, rules
1390Original construction of Templo Mayor beings in Tenochtitlán
1395-1417The second king of Tenochtitlán, Huitzilihuitzli, rules.  An alliance with the Tepaneca is created.
1417-1427The third king, Chimalpopoca, has his relatively short reign.  He is assasinated by the Tepaneca.
1427-1430War with the Tepaneca.  Up to this point the Tepaneca had been dominant in central Mexico, ruling from Azcapotzalco and taking tribute from the Mexica.
1430Azcapotzalco conquered
1431Establishment of the Triple Alliance between the Mexica, the Acolhua in the city Texcoco and the Tepaneca of Tlacopan.  These cities became the foundation of the empire.
1427-1440Tenochtitlán's fourth king, Itzcoatl, reigns
1452Tenochtitlán severely damaged by flooding
1452-1454Famine in Tenochtitlán



Height of the Empire



1440-1469Reign of the fifth king, Moctezuma I, who is also referred to as Montezuma I
1469-1481Tenochtitlán's sixth king, Azayactl, reigns
1481-1486Reign of Tizoc, the seventh king of Tenochtitlán
1486-1502Rule of Ahuitzotl, eighth king of the city
1487Dedication of Great Temple (Templo Mayor) at Tenochtitlán.  This was the 6th version of the temple.
1492(Christopher Columbus's landing at Santa Domingo)
1502-1520Reign of Moctezuma II, or Montezuma II, most famous of the Aztec kings and ninth king of Tenochtitlán
1510Severe floods in Tenochtitlán



The Fall of the Empire

1517The appearance of a comet, believed to signify impending doom
4 March
Landing of Hernan Cortes on the Yucatan penninsula
8 Nov
Cortes arrives in Tenochtitlán
1520Cortes allies with Tlaxcala, enemies of the Aztec, assault on the empire begins.  On the 1st of July, the Spanish forces were driven back.  The Spanish and their native allies suffered heavy losses.  (This is known as la Noche Triste - The Sad Night)
1520Rule of Cuitahuac, tenth king of Tenochtitlán
1520Cuitahuac dies from the first smallpox epidemic to hit the empire.  Rule of Cuauhetemoc, eleventh and last king of the city.
13 Aug
Fall of Tenochtitlán.  Cuauhetemoc surrenders to Cortes, destruction of the city
1522Rebuilding of the city by the Spanish as Mexico City, capital of New Spain
1525Cuauhetemoc is hung by the Spaniards

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